What is the meaning of Algorithm and how it related to our daily lives?

| February 23, 2017

algoI thought about writing a subject for a long time that I have decided to end up here at the moment. Especially one of my close friend said that “ Why don’t you writing and sharing your opinion about Algorithm?because most of the people they don’t know much more things about them during the recent days. Well in fact I realized that as a consequence of he asked, something that it came to my mind. To sum up figured out that this is the time to write about something which is people really don’t have pretty much idea about it.

As a result in this point the major thing is to share this opinion with others, and to make them familiar with, because the main thing is to achieve this purpose obviously.

Algorithms (see What is an algorithm?) It is actually an integral part of our lives. We’re going to actually roasted in continuous life with them. That’s why I want to explain this with a simple example. For example; almost all of us driving a car, riding a motorcycle or a bike. Everyone knows that doing those actions need some rules to follow them.

Otherwise you are going to fail right away apparently, every single action based on some constraint rules which are not changeable and there is no tolerance about them. If you don’t be caution during the acting according to those steps, you are going to be fail and regret later on because of following wrong way. Moreover most of us experienced many times before that do not obeying the rules of the games always puts us into tough position and trouble, besides it causes very bad results eventually.

Meanwhile, the role of Algorithm starts here. I hope that the post series of Algorithms would help us to find ideal path on the way of being successful person in our daily actions and duties.

Let’s briefly talk about where this word came from.

The word algorithm comes from a scholar of Turkestan. Turkestan 9th century scholar who showed the work of creating a book called Algorithmic Algebra. Who said Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al Harezmi people find to briefly algorithm (see Musa Al Harezmi) can say.

European interest in the very name of the book and scholar who’s name can not be pronounced by Europeans “Algorizm” they use the word. Algorizm “solve problems using Arabic numerals” means. Algorizm times has turned to the algorithm.

So what is this mysterious entity we call the algorithm?
Path algorithm means a problem or solving the problem, and if the person should follow the steps of solving the problem created by the writing of what happens at each stage.

Generally defined to do a job in mathematics and programming, which is a specific start and end are clearly defined steps.

Each algorithm must be established according to the following order.

Start -> Steps -> End

What can be done with the algorithm? In fact, the answer to this problem is completely relevant to your imagination…


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